Bluemont Vineyard Sarah + Michael

Bluemont Vineyard Wedding Photos

Sarah and Mike, your wedding was absolutely beautiful, and is now one of my all time favorites at Bluemont Vineyard. Congratulations guys, your wedding was magical! 

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Hear my soul speak: 
The very instant that I saw you, did
My heart fly to your service.
(The Tempest, 3.1)

Sarah just knew the minute she met Mike that he was the one for her.  They met at a friend's surprise birthday party in Raleigh, NC.  Mike was stationed at Fort Bragg, and Sarah lived in Virginia.  From the moment they met, they began a long distance relationship.    

Michael being chivalrous first asked Sarah's dad for permission to marry her during lunch.  Lucky for Sarah her dad said yes!  When they got engaged, Michael asked her brother to invite her to dinner so he could surprise her.  When she showed for dinner, Michael was waiting for her.  To make the romantic evening the most special it could be, Mike took Sarah to their first date where he proposed, by the World War II memorial.  

Sarah has always loved wineries, and Mike got to like them too, so it seemed a natural choice to get married at a vineyard.  They chose to get married at Bluemont Vineyard for the great view, the great wine, and the lovely staff.

Sarah found me through her mother who attended another wedding I had photographed.  Once Sarah saw my work, she thought it was amazing and agreed to meet me.  She said I made her feel comfortable to get the type of photography she was looking for that was different than what her parents wanted.  Sarah didn't want just traditional wedding photos.  She wanted great couple shots too.

What is Sarah's advice to future brides?  Don't stress out because everything you are worried about when it's all over you will forget about later.  Instead, take the time to eat with your husband, and just enjoy the day.  Sarah added, she's never been comfortable in front of a camera.  Somehow Steve was able to make her feel comfortable which allowed her to get the photos she's just thrilled she got of her wedding day.


Vendors used at her wedding:

Florist -  Jennifer Morris -  She was able to get my flowers the way I wanted when other florists said it was impossible

Hairdresser - Christie's Place - She has been going to her since elementary school and she is amazing!

Cake Artist - Sweet by E - Her cupcakes were so delicious they ran out

DJ - Superlative Events - They were so great.  She recommends them to everyone!

Make up Artist - Smooch Studio - They did a great job but cost too much