Advertising Campaign Interior Design Project

Advertising Campaign Interior Design Project

My client needed an ad campaign for her interior design company ;  Tah-Dah.  A few years ago we did some creative portraits, but because some of her employees no longer worked there, she needed to do the photography shoot again.  We met for lunch and discussed her vision, and her need about handling staff who leave and new staff who come in. While we were chatting I came up with a concept: What if you were photographed placing your design elements into a doll house?  This would show your concept of interior design, but make you larger than life in the photos.  Then we add staff in and out later as part of the team in the background.  She loved the concept.  She also prefers black and white photos to integrate into her website design.  This is our first shoot on this vision.  

If you have questions about how far I will travel, what I charge, or what your copy right use of my photos will be please call me at (240) 793 - 6193 and I will be happy to go over your concerns.  Or you can email me.

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