Product Photos Glasses

Steve and his assistant, Rachel, shot some product photography for sale on Etsy.  If you look at the other glasses for sale on Etsy you can see the difference between a real professional product photo and a non professional product shoot.  The truth is, a professional spends more time setting up the lighting than shooting the actual product.  That's why you hire a professional to shoot your products for sale.  Look at other glasses for sale on Etsy and see which ones give you the best details in the photo.

Product photo orange glass

Product photo blue glass

Product photo Pink glass

Product photo glasses

Product Photography

A professional photographer is paid to light the set just as much as to show your products for sale.  Do not trust a photographer who claims to be a "natural light" specialist.  What separates a true professional photographer from an amateur is understanding lighting.  You want your products to sell!  Steve uses his education from The Corcoran to create artistic poses, and he draws upon his training from National Geographic for expert lighting techniques.