Wedding Photography Styles With Photos

Understanding Wedding Photography Styles

Learning the different wedding styles can help you narrow down what type of wedding photographer you want.  

Wedding Portrait No Lighting

Wedding Portrait With Lighting

Classic Wedding Style

It's not unusual to want to be hip, to be cool, to be in style.  No one wants to feel like they are old fashioned. Classic is not necessarily old fashioned, even though this style is like looking at your grand parents old wedding photos.  What classic really means is that you like formal wedding photos.  Formal means that you prefer traditionally posed photographs of the bride and groom, the wedding party, and your family.  The classic wedding photographer will guide and direct the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the families, to take all your wedding photos.  You need to make a list of all the photos you want and the photographer will just tick through the list.  There's not a lot of creative freedom from the photographer, so when you are searching look for the terms classic wedding photographer or traditional wedding photographer in your city.

Classic or traditional wedding style

Traditional Wedding Style


Fine Art Wedding Style

Fine art is a creative and artistic twist on the classic style.  Instead of having the couple looking at the photographer in full frame in the center of the photograph, a fine art wedding photographer may have the bride and groom posed to the side of the frame, or the photographer may include a tall sky around the couple.  This fine art style gives a creative and artistic license to the photographer to be much more dramatic and creative.    If the photographer can get the couple to interact with laughter, or show all types of expressions, this style can be quite powerful and emotive.  

Fine Art Wedding Style Bride and Groom with edgy, dramatic lighting

Fine Art or Artistic Wedding Style Wedding Party Posed artistically

Artistic Wedding Photo Bride on Horse


Photojournalism Wedding Style

Wedding photography shot in a photojournalist style, or documentary style, is shot by a photographer who shoots the event as things unfold.  Rather than posing the bride and groom and wedding party, he or she shoots the action as it occurs.  Besides having the photographer hiding in the background so as to be not noticed, this style as a 100% way to shoot your wedding can leave you with photos wishing for more.  The best photojournalists also incorporate artistic bride and groom portraits with dramatic lighting to round out your day, and present you with powerful photographs you will cherish for years.

Photojournalism Wedding Style Ceremony Photo with girl hiding eyes

Documentary Wedding style at reception with girls smoking cigars

Documentary or Photojournalism wedding photo bride and groom after ceremony smoking in limo


Editorial ( Or Fashion) Wedding Style

This style tends to be what I shoot the most.  Not only do you get dramatic lighting within the photos, but you pose the bride and groom like they are on the cover of a wedding magazine.  They may not even be smiling.  The mood is more reflective, with an emphasis on getting a high-end feel.  You should expect to receive bold, dramatic photos with dramatic lighting.

Fashion Wedding Photo

Fashion Wedding Style

Editorial photo of bride and groom

Bridal Portrait Vogue Style


Modern Wedding Style

A modern style photographer shoots whatever is in style now.  The current popular style is very bright, shooting into the highlights (a professional no-no) which creates lens flare, with the saturation dialed down for effect.  A modern style is very pretty, but it is faddish.

A true professional photographer should be able to shoot in all styles, including the dramatic lighting.  Lighting is, after all, the heart of professional photography.

I hope that I have provided some useful wedding style tips.  You may also want to read how to choose a wedding photographer.


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