Ta Dah Staging


As the owner of a real estate staging company, I have used Steve, owner and operator of Whysall Photography, for several years now to photograph special, niche listings. His talent is that special blend of science and art that not only makes a listing highly marketable, but also captures the essence of the property. 

Recently, I hired Steve to photograph an impromptu wedding of a dear friend that was being held at my house. Keenly aware that my experience as a professional home stager in no way qualifies me to act as a wedding planner, I was very worried that the event would fall short of the bride's expectations. In addition, I was concerned that my modest house would not provide an adequate backdrop for Steve to capture the special moments of the day.

I have always been a huge fan of Steve's work, but now my appreciation of his expertise and artistic talents is even greater! Upon arriving, he performed his usual "walk-through" to determine the positive attributes and challenges of the venue.  Very quickly he established a strategy for shooting the wedding (no rehearsal...totally "off-the-cuff"), and within the first hour was in his "artistic groove" as I like to call it!  The resulting wedding photos are nothing less than magical; it looks as if the wedding took place at a five star hotel! Thanks to Steve's artistry, my friend has a wedding album filled with beautiful memories.