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Why hire a fancy New York photographer, or an expensive Washington, DC photographer to shoot your products when you can get that high-end quality right here in Frederick, Maryland?  

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Bring your products to life

For small, delicate products, such as jewelry, you want the entire piece to be in focus.  There is a method to doing this that only a professional photographer understands.  Shooting your piece so every stone shines, and every area is tack sharp cannot be done just because you sit next to a window, and shoot in a natural light scenario.

I am not a "Natural Light" Photographer

A true professional photographer is not a "natural light" photographer.  A professional understands how to light the set with years of learning.  You pay a professional to light your products with expert lighting techniques.  This skill set is dying with the advent of digital cameras and photography schools that just don't stress this anymore.  The old school photographers, like me, who were taught using film, and who developed their own photos in a dark room, really grasp the technical aspects of photography.  Never trust a photographer who claims to be a natural light photographer.  

What this really means is they don't understand "complex" lighting scenarios.  

But, the most important part of being a professional photographer is BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH MY CLIENTS.

Find out how a powerful photographer can be the difference between selling your products online, and struggling to sell them online, when you failed trying to photograph them yourself.  Learn why its important to show your products professionally so you can make that sale and get paid.  

You didn't design your products for love.  You designed them to sell!

Why You'll Be Happy With My Photography

Having graduated top in my class at The Corcoran I was chosen to accompany a NATGEO photographer for 5 years on travel jobs.  But, my art school didn't teach me how to become an expert in lighting.  My NATGEO experience did.  What art school did teach was art, and how to create great compositions.  This realIy helped for the portrait sessions to pose you in the most flattering angles to make you look your best.

NATGEO not only taught me the expert lighting skills, but I learned how to think quickly on my feet to problem solve.  There's no better experience than filming when a sudden thunderstorm rushes in unexpectedly.  While you are running for cover and protecting your gear, you turn around to see a great photo opportunity.  And then you jump and turn it into an extraordinary session.  That is how I got this red tree photo.

red tree



As a photojournalist for newspapers, I’ve learned that a great photo is created when you anticipate what is going to happen. Just as important is understanding professional lighting to get the correct exposure. Combining both takes your picture from mediocre to extraordinary
— Whysall Photography

Photographer who feels how to show your products vision

When I photograph products I have to feel my vision of what to include in the sales message.  I keep tweaking and thinking about the message and what to include with the products.  You want to include enough elements to share your message, but not too many that it looks cluttered.  Once it feels right then I begin shooting.

For example, I have a client who just wanted his beef jerky bags photographed professionally for his website.  I was happy to do that, but as he was in my studio we began talking about his sales message, his unique proposition.  I sent him to the store to get a few ingredients while I photographed his bags.  


Genius Jerky Food Photo

Now there's nothing wrong with this photo.  It's clean, and professionally lit.  But does it convey the sales message like my vision?

My Product Vision

My vision shows how the freshest ingredients go into his all natural beef jerky

My vision shows how the freshest ingredients go into his all natural beef jerky

I use proven photography techniques that show your products with deep, rich colors, and tap into my unique feeling to make your products pop in the frame.  Sometimes I use clean even lighting, like here, and sometimes I choose a more dramatic, colorful lighting.  It depends how the product feels. His cost of adding my ingredients?  About an additional $50.  You decide if it's worth it.  His entire photo shoot was less than $400 total.  That's extremely reasonable.  But, I want him to come back.

On this photo I used a blue gel background to make the lighting a little more dramatic

On this photo I used a blue gel background to make the lighting a little more dramatic

ECommerce websites who use professional photographers will outsell self photographed products.

I take care of you so you can focus on selling your products while I show them in the best light.  Let Whysall Photography grant you the relief by knowing that your products are in competent hands.  Let me take the heavy burden off your shoulders so you can focus on your online sales.

I have a top notch photo studio with 2400 square feet of space

Bring or ship your products to my studio.  I will photograph them and ship them back.  Then I will upload your photos so you can decide which ones will work on your site.  

What my clients have to say:  



Thank you Whysall Photography for capturing the true all-natural essence of our product! We use only the freshest of ingredients and these pictures say it all!

— Angela

I was searching for a local photographer to do food photos for our website, and talked to several before deciding to work with Steve— whom I chose because he was the most pleasant, had the most experience, and was a former chef! I definitely made the right decision. I’ve worked with him on three separate occasions now, and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. He is professional, accommodating, and super fun to work with— as is his assistant. He was able to translate our vision (which was admittedly vague at times) into gorgeous photos that we are very excited to showcase on our new website. Cannot say enough good things, and would definitely recommend his services. Thank you, Steve!

— Clare- The Perfect Gourmet

When I Googled “gourmet food photographer in Frederick MD”, Whysall Photography was the first to pop up. I read through Steve’s website and thought this guy sounds too good to be true. But I took my chances and gave him a call to see if he would take photographs of my cheesecakes for my small start up business. We spoke a few minutes on the phone. He was kind and accommodating and instantly I felt confident he was the guy for the job. We met that same week to discuss my vision. After just a few minutes of consulting with Steve, and seeing samples of his work, I knew that he was more than qualified to meet my needs. His credentials are impressive, but he exceeds them on a personal level. Steve is not only an artist, a visionary, a professional and a perfectionist when it comes to his craft, he is a genuinely nice and caring human being. He will not rest until he gets it just right. He created images that exceeded my vision. Without hesitation, I recommend Steve for any and all of your photography needs.

— Tee

I can’t quite remember how I happened upon this photographer, but I am so very glad that I did! We hired him to take photos of our staff and facilities for our Doctor’s office and he definitely exceeded our expectations.
The work that he does with lighting alone is simply incredible. He gave us amazing corporate head shots, group shots, and action shots to name a few.
His patience and professionalism during a day long shoot with almost 20 women was extremely admirable. Take a look through his amazing portfolio and see his work for yourself. I would definitely recommend him for anyone’s big occasion.

— Alexis

Product Photography Pricing

Your product photo session does not have to break the bank.  There are three main ways to pay for your ecommerce products.

Pay By The Hour

If you have only a small sample of products 4-5, and you just want a simple white background photo with even lighting, consider my hourly rate at $200 an hour.  With this rate you get all the full sized edited photos and can use them how you want.  They come with joint copyright.

Pay By The Day Rate

If you have a large number of products shown with props and groupings, and want the guarantee of a day rate, pay $2,000 for the day and I will shoot for up to twelve straight hours. This is intended for complex products with props, not just white on white individual photos. View complex product photos. With this rate you get all the full sized edited photos and can use them how you want.  They come with joint copyright.

Pay Per Photo

If you are on a tight budget, or want to test the waters, consider paying per photo.  I will shoot whatever products you send me according to your vision and needs.  You choose and pay for only the photos you need.  For only $50 you can see what I can do for you.  

I will come to you

If you are local and want your products shot in your location, I will come to you.  I will work around your schedule and shoot in your home, at your work, or at any other location we choose.

Call me and gain the advantage of having a professional poring over your products!

Proudly Serving Washington, DC, MD, and Northern Virginia for over 20 years

For ecommerce products you can just ship them or bring them to me.  Photography studio address:

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