Family Portraits Eureka


In Studio Family Portraits

Eureka and her lovely family called me yesterday looking to book a portrait session right now.  She had been driving around Frederick and the photo studios she knew about were closed.  They had just gotten out of church, 2018 is a new year, and she wanted to get some portraits while her family was all dressed up. We met her at my studio in an hour, and really got to enjoy her beautiful children.  Photography is more than just a pretty picture.  To get a solid portrait you really need to bond with everyone who looks into the lens.  When showing her some work to get a sense of what photography style she liked, Eureka stopped me on a photo i had done of a son playing his saxophone.  All THREE of her children play and love music.  It turns out she lives less than 5 minutes from my studio.  The children were now excited because instead of being just a boring portrait session that mom makes us do, now we can bring our own character to the photos.  It was a real blast and I just really enjoyed this special family!

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