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Steve Whysall is the winner of The Gold and The Silver Award in international competitions sponsored by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Associations.  (AG)WPJA is comprised of outstanding wedding photographers.

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Welcome to Whysall Photography!

With over 20 years as a professional wedding photographer, I have met all kinds of brides and grooms, from the shy and introverted, to the outgoing and fun loving.  Regardless of your personality, each of you has the same common worries when looking for a wedding photographer.  These are my most common concerns.  I hope you find my responses to be useful.

I hate being photographed!  It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Many don't like getting their pictures taken, not even I LIKE IT!  We all feel a little self-conscious.  One thing I like to do is meet with the bride and groom within a week or two of the wedding to get re-aquainted.  Believe it or not, this helps ME take better pictures of you!  Once we feel comfortable with each other it really helps to get better photos on your wedding day.  On the day of your wedding, as we are taking the photos, I show them to you in the camera, so you can get a sense of how they are looking great.  I have found that this helps the bride and groom to relax, and trust that everything is going well.

I have no idea how to stand for the posed photos

Don't worry about that.  I will guide you on how to separate your feet, where to put your hands, how to turn at an angle, all the things you need to create a beautiful portrait.  This is why you hire a professional photographer, to help you look your best by posing you and taking your photo in the most flattering way.  My goal is to make each bride and groom feel like they could be in a GQ magazine regardless of age or weight.

I don't want the couple's photos in front of a large crowd

We don't take all the photos right after the wedding ceremony.  My style is to pull the bride and groom away from the crowd, periodically, and shoot some romantic photos of just the two of you, in an intimate, quiet area. Once it is just the bride and groom and the photographers, we take a few romantic and photojournalistic photos of the two of you, for about 15 minutes.  Then I send you into the wedding reception room.  Whenever I see the sun move, change color, or discover a new and interesting place to take a photograph, I pull the bride and groom aside, shoot for another 10-15 minutes, and send you back to the wedding reception again.  I do this periodically through the afternoon and evening, gathering interesting photographs that showcase your unique story as the sunlight changes.  I find it to be less intrusive, more fun, and we get more natural looking photographs at the end of your wedding.


I want a photo just like I saw on Pinterest 

I will add my touch to it

I Want A Photo Just Like I Saw On Pinterest

Some brides fall in love with a photo they saw on Pinterest, or other social media, and they want to recreate it.  I love to recreate photos, however I always add MY twist to it.  It won't be identical.

You will notice that my wedding galleries are consistent

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You will get professional photos of the wedding party, your posed family, the guests as your story unfolds, and as many details as are available on your day.

About My Professional Wedding Experience

I tend to focus on the bride and groom, and the emotions of the day.  I strive to shoot my couples photos in a fine art style, making you feel like a magazine model.  Also, I shoot in a photojournalist style, capturing all the moments when no one seems to be looking.

Wedding photography can be stressful, and you need to know that your professional photographer can handle the pressure.

Professional photographers in the field work under pressure

It is important not to crack under pressure and to adapt and improvise when things go wrong.  From brides who slip and fall during the getting ready session, getting mud on their wedding gown, to power outages for hours, to brides and grooms who are an hour late, I've had to handle it all.  

A professional wedding problem example  

The groom forgot to bring the ring. I sent my assistant to go get the ring. Meanwhile, the bride and the groom want pictures of them taken ahead of the ceremony due to time constraints. A member of the wedding party assists me by holding my light. (I come with a light on a pole) The light starts to smoke. What happens now? There's no assistant. And now, there's no light. Quickly, I analyzed the problem, created the solution, and jumped into action.  I used reflectors and dedicated flashes to solve this huge problem.

These things really do happen during weddings. So, please,  make sure your photographer has the experience to handle emergencies.  Because, you have paid your photographer to make your pictures turn out professionally and creatively.

You need a professional who doesn't get flustered and can work calmly through the problems.

To learn more about my wedding photography, please see my most FAQ





A little about my commercial photography

Gourmet Food Photographer

I style your food photography

 As a former chef at high-end exclusive restaurants around the world, I understand from conception to presentation how to display your gourmet dish.  

Products Photographer

Bring your products to life

For small, delicate products, such as jewelry, you want the entire piece to be in focus.  There is a method to doing this that only a commercial photographer understands.  Shooting your piece so every stone shines, and every area is tack sharp cannot be done just because you sit next to a window, and shoot in a natural light scenario.

Photographer who feels how to show your products vision

When I photograph products I have to feel my vision of what to include in the sales message.  I keep tweaking and thinking about the message and what to include with the products.  You want to include enough elements to share your message, but not too many that it looks cluttered.  Once it feels right then I begin shooting.

I use proven photography techniques that show your commercial products with deep, rich colors, and tap into my unique feeling to make your products pop in the frame.  Sometimes I use clean even lighting and sometimes I choose a more dramatic, colorful lighting.  It depends how the product feels. 

I am not a "Natural Light" Photographer

A true professional photographer is not a "natural light" photographer.  A professional understands how to light the set with years of learning.  You pay a professional to light your products with expert lighting techniques.  This skill set is dying with the advent of digital cameras and photography schools that just don't stress this anymore.  The old school photographers, like me, who were taught using film, and who developed their own photos in a dark room, really grasp the technical aspects of photography.  Never trust a photographer who claims to be a natural light photographer.  

What this really means is they don't understand "complex" lighting scenarios.

Head Shots Photographer

Commercial head shots with bold lighting.  My National Geographic training is where I learned my expert lighting techniques.  Make your business portraits stand out!

Why You'll Be Happy With My Photography

Having graduated top in my class at The Corcoran I was chosen to accompany a professional NATGEO photographer for 5 years on travel jobs.  But, my art school didn't teach me how to become an expert in lighting.  My NATGEO experience did.  What art school did teach was art, and how to create great compositions.  This realIy helped for the portrait sessions to pose you in the most flattering angles to make you look your best.

NATGEO not only taught me the expert lighting skills, but I learned how to think quickly on my feet to problem solve.  I hope I have given you a sense of my photography style and how I work.

If you have any questions, such as copy right use or how far I will travel, please give me a call or shoot me an email.

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