Wedding Photographer

over 20 years of photography experience

Expert in lighting

National Geographic Trained Wedding Photographer

What sets us apart from other Wedding photographers?

Satisfaction - Client satisfaction is our number one top priority because we want you to refer us to your friends and family

Experience - Photographer with 20 years of professional photography experience

No fads - We create a portrait that holds its value through generations

Professional - Photographer whose sole job is Photography.  We do not shoot weddings "on the side"

Educated - Photographer who is art school educated for creative compositions

Trained - National Geographic trained photographer for expert lighting techniques

Two Photographers - All weddings come with two professional photographers

Wishes - Photographer who is experienced in interviewing to capture our clients wishes

Full sized images - You get all edited full sized images of your wedding day for free regardless of the wedding photographer package chosen

Reliable - Photographers with a reputation of consistent, punctual, reliable show ups

Value - Excellent quality for a reasonable price

Simple Pricing -  Simple wedding pricing packages without upselling on the back-end

Ease - Our relaxed personality soothes and comforts to get your best expressions

Lighting - We understand how to SEE THE LIGHT and how to make the most of it

Staging - Creative on location staging to capture your most flattering angle

Insured - We are insured and bonded

File Storage - We keep your wedding photos for years

Service - Behind the scenes we act as wedding coordinator, necktie tier, hair stylist, and family manager

Know you - We meet again just prior to the wedding to understand your personality and needs

Focus - We give you 100% of our focus so you can relax and enjoy your big wedding day

Equipment - Professional equipment to shoot your wedding right such as lenses, transmitters, stands, and lighting

Exposure - We understand how to expose for different lighting scenarios, to get it right in the camera so we don't have to rely on Photoshop 

All wedding photography packages include edited full sized photos on a DVD with joint copyright at no extra charge.  If you have questions about how far I will travel, what I charge, or what your copy right use of my photos will be please call me at (240) 793 - 6193 and I will be happy to go over your concerns.  Or you can email me.

Steve has been a professional photographer serving the Washington DC metropolitan area for over 20 years.  This includes Washington, DC, northern Virginia, and Maryland.

If you have questions about how far I travel, or what your copyright use of my photos will be, please call me or shoot me an email.  I will be happy to answer your questions.