About Steve Whysall

Photo Journalist

As a photojournalist, I’ve learned that a great photo is created when you anticipate what is going to happen. Just as important is understanding professional lighting. Combining both takes your picture from mediocre to extraordinary!
— Steve WHysall

My photography career has taken me on a 20 year marvelous journey from a graduate at The Corcoran Gallery of Art in Photography, to a 5 year stint as an Assistant Photographer for Richard Nowitz, a famous National Geographic photographer, to opening my own photography studio in Frederick, MD. 

For the National Geographic, I shot some aerial photos that were used in a book about our nation's capital.

I have photographed travel destinations for Conde Nast and World Magazine

As a photojournalist for Greenpeace, I was responsible for photographing toxic environments for several ad campaigns.

Another assignment took me to the Badlands of South Dakota where I lived among the Sioux Indians. While there I developed a series of photographs telling a story of these proud people, their rich culture and how the modern world has impacted their survival.

Executive Head Shots

Over the years I have been selected to photograph numerous corporate executives for ad campaigns, annual reports, and official portraits. I have taken portraits of President George W. Bush along with members of his cabinet, including Donald Rumsfeld, and the Prime Minister of Poland.  

Former Chef

I was a chef before I was a photographer.  A severe burn injury made me consider changing careers.  I had always enjoyed photography, so while healing I took some photos and applied to The Corcoran gallery of Art.  

My chef experience is what helps me bring a unique quality to my food photography. My love of food is clear, as you want to sit down and take a bite from every picture. I take pride in styling my own food photography.  I am convinced that your food photos need to reflect what the meat is meant to look like and how all the flavors work together. Save your money on a food stylist with me.

Wedding Photographer

My wedding motto is:  "When your wedding day is over, all you have are your memories and your photos.  Make sure your photographer has the experience to capture the beauty of your day that will leave your family and friends breathless!"  

Through my wedding photography, I provide each couple with a beautiful documentary of your very special day. Using a photojournalist approach, I capture the intimate moments throughout the day along with the personality of you and your guests to provide a rich pictorial and a life long memory of your wedding. 


Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Steve Whysall is the winner of The Gold and The Silver Award in international competitions sponsored by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Associations.  (AG)WPJA is comprised of outstanding wedding photographers.

Photography Awards

Finally, during my career, I have received several honors, including The H.E. Klappert Memorial Award for Photography. I am the winner of The Gold and The Silver Award in an international competition sponsored by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Associations.  (AG)WPJA is comprised of outstanding wedding photographers.


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If you have questions about how far I will travel, what I charge, or what your copy right use of my photos will be please call me at (240) 793 - 6193 and I will be happy to go over your concerns.  Or you can email me.

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