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As a photojournalist for newspapers, I’ve learned that a great photo is created when you anticipate what is going to happen. Just as important is understanding professional lighting to get the correct exposure. Combining both takes your picture from mediocre to extraordinary
— Steve Whysall

Welcome to Whysall Photography!  Thanks for checking me out.

I am a diverse professional photographer who shoots weddings, commercial, and portraits.

Commercial includes; gourmet food, head shots, products, real estate, fitness, advertising campaigns, and more.

Portraits includes; family portraits, newborn, models, engagements, and senior portraits.

With over 20 years in the industry, I have  a few basic concepts you should look for when choosing your professional photographer.

I hope you find them helpful when you are deciding on your photography needs.




Lighting Is The Heart of Professional Photography

A photographer must understand lighting to be a true professional. Beware of any photographer who claims to be only a "natural light" photographer.  What this really means is they don't understand complex lighting scenarios.  A professional knows when (and how) to use natural light, when (and how) to use artificial light, and when to incorporate both.  

Make sure your photographer understands lighting.

Ask them for examples in dark venues using lighting equipment that is not just flash on a camera.  You need to try to ferret out what your photographer knows about lighting because no matter how well you plan, sometimes it rains, and your entire event is indoors in a dark venue, or it is extra sunny outside, so your photos may not look like the examples you were shown.

Many photographers show only examples of the perfect scenario, which is a cloudy day using only natural light.  So, be circumspect.  Don't get swayed simply by pretty photographs of flowers and place settings and the bride and groom outside on a hill.  Look discerningly at the photos for examples of lighting that brushes the faces, how the compositions are shown. Look beyond the pretty photos under perfect circumstances.

You will notice that my wedding galleries are consistent. 

I've heard from so many relatives and friends of my clients who hired a photographer based on their portfolio, only to be very disappointed later because their photos didn't turn out well, or print well, because they were badly exposed.

Ask your photographer for examples with lighting equipment that is not just natural light.

Make sure your photographer has the experience to capture the beauty of your day that will make your family and friends breathless!


Composition is Important

Without understanding some composition basics, the lighting alone won't save your photos.  Understanding when and how to use leading lines, showing photos using the rule of thirds, and knowing where (and how) to place you in a scene that is flattering to you, as well as the background, all help to create well composed photos.  

I learned my composition skills as a photography graduate at The Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Work Under Pressure

Photographers in the field work under pressure

It is important not to crack under pressure and to adapt and improvise when things go wrong.  From brides who slip and fall during the getting ready session, getting mud on their wedding gown, to power outages for hours, to brides and grooms who are an hour late, I've had to handle it all.  

A wedding problem example.  

The groom forgot to bring the ring. I sent my assistant to go get the ring. Meanwhile, the bride and the groom want pictures of them taken ahead of the ceremony due to time constraints. A member of the wedding party assists me by holding my light. (I come with a light on a pole) The light starts to smoke. What happens now? There's no assistant. And now, there's no light. Quickly, I analyzed the problem, created the solution, and jumped into action.  I used reflectors and dedicated flashes to solve this huge problem.

These things really do happen during weddings. So, please,  make sure your photographer has the experience to handle emergencies.  Because, you have paid your photographer to make your pictures turn out professionally and creatively.

You need a professional who doesn't get flustered and can work calmly through the problems.

A Little about Commercial Work

Fitness photography


Get creative, edgy, fitness photography that is high-end quality, right here in Frederick, Maryland.

  To help your fitness photo shoot look even better, I have over 10 years of body building experience, and I am a certified physical trainer.


Gourmet Food


Your food photos need to reflect what the meat is meant to look like and how all the flavors work together.  As a former chef at high-end exclusive restaurants around the world, I understand from conception to presentation how to display your gourmet dish.  Bring your food to life with my creative compositions and my expert lighting techniques.

Head shots

Come in groups and save money

You need head shots that aren't too stiff, and show your personality.

Head shots cost only $50 each if you come in groups of 5 or more to my studio.

Simple head shots with one background are only $100.


I needed headshots for work that are not too stiff and show my personality. I also wanted some for family. Steve was a joy to work with and HE MADE ME LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER. Of course, I’m shouting! I’m 52 and his lighting was beautiful. No airbrushing, just lighting. If you look close, you can tell I’m starting to get wrinkles, but the lighting really diminishes them. And Steve had me cracking up so he got some laughing shots my family members love. The one you see here <<< that tiny head shot, that is the one I chose for work. I think you can click my link and see a few more. You can also see how this one looks in full length. They were not all identical and it was a very hard choice. When you go to Steve’s full web site, take a look at the commercial, travel, weddings and architecture shots. Wow. Walking around in the studio feels like being inside of a National Geographic magazine.”
— Beth

Come to my photography studio, or I will come to you!

If you have any questions about how far I travel or what your copyright use of your photos will be, please give me a call or shoot me an email.

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